Log Loading Finals 2019: Silver medal sparks hunger for more

Timber transport is a beloved livelihood and way of life for Maija Pohjankivi and her family. Soon the family business will see the fourth generation join the enterprise.

HER SILVER MEDAL in the 2019 Finnish Timber Loading Championships makes Noormarkku-based Maija Pohjankivi both smile and feel a little annoyed. She is happy with her performance in principle, but annoyed that nervousness and the unfamiliar open crane caused her to make mistakes.
“Next time I’ll do better!” she promises, which is easy to believe, looking at this accomplished woman.

For Maija Pohjankivi, the best thing about being a timber truck driver is being in the forest, surrounded by nature.

POHJANKIVI has been in the timber transport business and the family enterprise Metsäkone Pohjankivi Oy for seven years. At first, she only transported timber loads but little by little she started to learn how to use a crane too: first a grabful, then two and finally a whole bundle. Gradually Pohjankivi became a thoroughbred timber truck driver and an incredibly skilled log loader who has now won silver in the Finnish Timber Loading Championships. She can’t imagine doing anything else for a living.
“The best thing about this job is being in the forest, surrounded by nature. I feel totally at home in the forest and often go there in my spare time too to walk and enjoy the peace, or to do some lumbering,” she says.

Whenever we
meet Alucar staff ,
we always have a lovely
chat and good laugh.

POHJANKIVI’S HUSBAND shares her passion for timber transport. They both work in the same family enterprise that transports timber
in the Satakunta region using six trucks. At home they often talk about work, but that doesn’t bother Pohjankivi at all. Quite the contrary.
“This is a way of life for us. Some of our children are joining our company too and will be the fourth generation to do so.”

THE POHJANKIVIS’ TIMBER transport company uses Alucar superstructures in their trucks, so this was not the fi rst time they had been to Maxmo, the location of the finals. The last time they had been there was to install a crane on the company’s truck at the same time with the superstructure. “I couldn’t be happier with Alucar’s services. I can’t think of a single criticism. We are outspoken people, and they always accept our feedback with grace. Whenever we meet Alucar staff, we always have a lovely chat and a good laugh. And if I run into the salesman Svante Peth, who is now retired, I always hug him,” Pohjankivi smiles.