F.T.M installs Alucar superstructures for the UK market

Forestry Transport Maintenance serves logging transport companies in Wales and England. Its close cooperation with Alucar allows it to engage in its own extensive design work and brings it satisfied end customers and fascinating prospects for the future.

IF YOU EVER FIND yourself driving in Britain, you might want to pay attention to the logging trucks on British roads. More and more of them have the familiar name of ‘Alucar’ stamped on their timber bunks. One reason for this is the Forestry Transport Maintenance company (F.T.M), which acts as an Alucar dealer in England and Wales. Its years of experience in the field means the people in the company know the British timber transport sector like the back of their hand.

– I have worked in this field for 30 years and fitted out a lot of logging trucks myself, says F.T.M’s owner and founder Peter Williams.

F.T.M has been installing Alucar superstructures for decades and, since 2019, has worked in direct and close cooperation with Alucar.

– Alucar is a big name in the UK. Brits have quickly realised that Alucar’s products and sub-frames are the best in the field. The quality of their work is excellent; we need products like these in this sector, he says.

F.T.M IS a family business with 16 employees and it serves UK logging truck drivers in many different ways. As well as timber trucks, F.T.M sells, repairs and builds cranes, timber trailers and other related equipment. Its customers range from one-person enterprises to transport companies with a fleet of 25 trucks.

F.T.M is a family business with 16 employees. Three generations are working in the company.

OVER THE LAST YEAR, F.T.M has reached a new level in its design of logging truck setups. Alucar and F.T.M’s design departments are in direct contact with each other and carry out projects in very close cooperation.

These days we customize logging trucks ourselves to fully meet the customer’s needs. That means we take care of the design, buy the sub-frame package and other products from Alucar according to the plan, and fit out the truck ready for immediate use.

Peter Williams

TWO MEMBERS of the F.T.M team are Will and Amanda, who are adding exciting new services to the company’s portfolio: the marketing of the completed truck on social media, with the superstructure and other accessories fitted. Amanda’s daily routine mostly consists of making sure deliveries come and go on time, whereas Will operates in the field as an active partner in customer projects, listening in person to what the customers need.

PETER IS confident that it is F.T.M’s excellent service and top-quality products that bring its customers back again and again. Because of the company’s years of experience in the field and their expertise, they know how to avoid common stumbling blocks and always produce a top-quality result.

– We don’t need to market our services so much; our customers find us through word of mouth. We always fit out the timber trucks correctly and think everything carefully through to make sure we produce excellent, well-finished work.

VIRPI HATTULA, Export Sales Manager at Alucar, is very happy with the company’s excellent, effective collaboration with F.T.M.

– Our cooperation with F.T.M is an important link that helps us understand the needs and wishes of logging truck owners and users in Southern England and Wales. Listening to truck drivers’ user experiences and designing the best possible setups for them is a priority to both of us. That’s why we talk to each other often. I’m sure Alucar has a lot of solutions used in Finland that we will be able to adapt to British circumstances for use by F.T.M in the future, she says.

F.T.M HAS faith in the future. Both Brexit and the coronavirus are threatening to disrupt the logging truck market, but Peter is positive the company will overcome these challenges without difficulty.
– Our family business will ride out the storm, and we are confident the future is bright. My wife, daughter and even two grandchildren work with me in the company, and we will continue to serve our customers in the best possible way, he says, and continues:
– Whilst times are currently unsettled, we are looking to the future and remain positive that FTM and Alucar will work well together. We already have enquiries for new builds in the coming year and look forward to Virpi visiting us on our stand at the APF show in September 2021.