We can proudly announce to be the first bodybuilder that has developed a Bodybuilder approval together with MAN in Germany

Export Sales Manager Virpi Hattula and Produkt Manager Leif Finne

In 2020, Alucar took a step forward in its collaboration with the truck manufacturer MAN in Germany and has together with them developed a Bodybuilder approval. Alucar has long worked closely with other truck manufacturers in the industry and is used to being involved in various development collaborations.

Unique to this type of approval is that Alucar is the first bodybuilder in the industry to receive it for aluminum subframe and rear-mounted crane. By meeting different types of criterias such as strength calculations and layout of the subframe, Alucar was able to meet MAN’s requirements to receive this approval.

Leif Finne, product manager at Alucar, describes the process as instructive and it has increased the understanding of the important aspects to take into account in the planning of the superstructure for a MAN chassis. Finne believes that the relationship with MAN has become stronger and he looks forward to develop the collaboration.

We want to manufacture our products in the correct way in consultation with the truck manufacturers. Working closely with a truck manufacturer also increases the quality of the end customer’s product.

Leif Finne

Virpi Hattula, Export Sales Manager, sees opportunities to better reach the timber truck industry in Europe through these types of Bodybuilder approvals. Bodybuilder approvals improve the possibilities of international cooperation.

This is an important step forward to show that Alucar is an innovative and customer-focused actor in the industry. Our dealer Exte Vertriebs in Germany, which also works closely with MAN, has been an important pillar in this project.

Virpi Hattula

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!