Kes-Trans Oy already has 15 timber trucks built by Alucar

Kuortane-based Kes-Trans Oy appreciates how smooth and reliable their cooperation with Alucar has been. Light timber trucks and delivery reliability get most points from them.

Kes-Trans Oy is a Kuortane-based transportation company that operates throughout Finland. The company has 60 trucks, of which 18 are timber trucks. 

The company’s CEO Rauno Keski-Heikkilä says that the cooperation with Alucar started already in 2015. The majority of Kes-Trans Oy’s timber trucks are equipped with Alucar’s superstructures.

“Our company wants to invest in good service, and the quality of our equipment plays an important role here. Already after the first orders we noticed that Alucar has a good quality-price ratio, so we didn’t have a reason to change the manufacturer of our superstructures. It is also a good thing that the factory is located near us,” says Keski-Heikkilä.

Durable, lightweight superstructures

Keski-Heikkilä appreciates Alucar’s products’ lightness, durability, quality and the stylish design. He also praises the quality and reliability of the service. 

“Alucar takes the customer’s wishes into account, and when you make an order you can be sure that you will get what you want. The final result matches your expectations. They also stay on the agreed schedule. Alucar has both operational and delivery reliability,” he states.

Exciting working days and smooth cooperation

According to Keski-Heikkilä, every day is different in timber transportation. 

“You can’t know beforehand what the day will bring. The work is diverse and it always stays interesting. The varying conditions require good professional skills from the drivers,” he explains.

Keski-Heikkilä says that the cooperation with Alucar has gone well. They have had the same contact person throughout the years. He is sure that the cooperation will continue in the future.

“I believe that the cooperation will continue as is. We have done business with one contact person so far, and everything has gone very smoothly. He is a man of his word who you can trust,” Keski-Heikkilä states.

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