Bunk Fixings

ALU- and TITAN Bunks always have durable bracket fixings.

Bracket Fixings do not create fractures caused by shaking movement to the skedbars, subframe, or the main frame. Lasting hot-zinc surface treatment.

Eagle-Bunks have a new convenient fixing mechanism.

Fast-Slide Fixings

Movable bunk fixing for timber trucks.

Fast Fixing

Movable bunk fixing for timber trucks

Friction Fixing

Friction fixing is the best choice for a movable bunk. Friction plate is a replaceable product available from Alucar as a spare part.

Pneumatic Fast Fixing

Pneumatically operated Fast Fixings for moveable bunks.

Eagle-Bunk Fixings

Eagle-Steelbunk installation is especially easy with the new kind of fixings. Bunks can be fixed with firm, friction or fast-slide fixings. Same bunks can be used in different size trailers and they can be installed mechanically without welding, or drilling.