Bunk Fixings

ALU- and TITAN bunks have long lasting bracket fixings.

Bracket fixings do not create fractures to the skedbars, sub-frame or the main frame, caused by vibration. Durable hot-zinc surface treatment.

Eagle-bunks have a new easily attachable fixing mechanism.

Quick Glide Fixing

A movable bunk fixing for trucks.

Quick Fixing

A movable bunk fixing for trucks.

Friction Fixing

Friction fixing is the best alternative for a movable bunk on the trailer. Friction plate is a replaceable item, that is available as a spare part from Alucar.

Pneumatic Quick Fixing

Pneumatically operated bunk fixings for movable fixings for trucks.

Eagle-Bunk Fixing

Installation of Eagle-Steelbunks is especially easy with new kind of fixings. Bunks can be installed with firm, friction, or quick glide fixings. Same bunks can be used in different size trailers and they can be installed mechanically without welding, or drilling.